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Lima 2-8-2 ACY 400 Steam Locomotive

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Handsome Lima Mikes! Yellow Fairbanks-Morse Diesels! Daily mixed trains serving picturesque Ohio towns. Twenty-seven interchanges with the NKP, PRR, NYC, Erie, DT&I, C&O, B&O, A&BB. A right-of-way with more than a curve a mile. High bridges. Victorian depots. McKeen Cars. All this was the AC&Y!

The Akron, Canton and Youngstown Railroad Historical Society was organized in 1992 by a dedicated group of rail historians, modelers, and railfans. Our interests and goals are to document, preserve and share the AC&Y's history including predecessor and affiliated lines in Northern Ohio.

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AC&YHS Forum versus the AC&YHS Facebook Group

Communication on Facebook is instantaneous. The AC&YHS Facebook Group exists just for that purpose. We use it to share news and events to our subscribing fans. But, it has its shortcomings. Communicating on Facebook is like watching a horde of bees flying in the air. If you look at just the right moment, you might be able to make out just one bee, but just as quickly, it shoots up and down through air and vanishes. And once it vanishes, it’s gone, buried beneath a swarm of hundreds of thousands of identical bees.

Have you ever come across something on Facebook that interested you, but you didn’t look at it right away? You think, I’ll look for that in a bit. But when you try, you can’t find it? Facebook has no abilities to search or properly archive posts. And this is the strength of the AC&YHS Forum.

Our Forum is a great storehouse of data on the AC&Y. It is not just for information, but points of view. The AC&YHS Forum is a community site built to bring together AC&Y fans from around the world. The idea is to build knowledge and fellowship by creating an online destination where like-minded people want to hang out.

The AC&Y Forum is now responsive and runs on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones! This forum is provided as a service to those interested in the AC&Y. It is open to all. We ask that subject matter be related in some way to the AC&Y or affiliated roads. To search or read the forum, you do not need to be registered. Although, to participate in our forum, you must register!

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